Escape The Vapes: Why CannaStrips Should Be Your New Go-To

With all of the options now available to a cannabis consumer, it’s no surprise that consumers are feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for the traditional dispensary experience.

Flower or vape? Edibles or drinkables? THC, THCa, THCv, CBD, or CBN? Is your head spinning yet?

There’s just so much available to the new cannabis consumer, and it’s getting harder and harder to discern between high-caliber goods & mediocre products in fancy packaging, but one product stands out from the rest: CannaStrips™. With a straightforward application approach paired with no-nonsense packaging - CannaStrips™ is making a splash in the California marketplace (and rightfully so).

With all of the breaking news surrounding vapes & potential health hazards, it’s only appropriate that we acknowledge why and how CannaStrips™ rises above the rest when seeking the heavy-hitting effects of a traditional vape:

1. Smoke-Free Relief
Skip the smoke & save your lungs the hassle of having to rid itself of harmful particulates.

Welcome Reveur!

Here at Fenix, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest brand, Rêveur, offering a premium line of live resin.

Here's a few facts about the brand:

- Full flower extracts are made with cannabis from the Eel River Terroir

- Sourced from unique micro climates producing equally unique terpenes

- NO ADDED TERPENES - all terps are preserved with meticulous extraction methods meaning: “There’s no fake sh**” as one of their lead extractors delicately elaborated

- Each extract is properly cured - ensuring a smooth hit every time

For more info on Reveur, visit their website
To place an order, view our product menu or email orders@thefenixfamily.

Introducing Seven10 Creations Vapes

Looking for new inventory? Seven10 Creations has been working diligently on their new disposable vapes which have passed phase 3 tests. Don’t get caught without vapes as phase 3 becomes a bigger hurdle for cartridge manufacturers!


These new disposable vapes are discrete and affordable, plus, they actually smell and taste like melon! Infused with real cannabis & fruit derived terpenes, Seven10 Creations has developed a product that is as delicious as it is powerful.

Say Hello to Potli!

Introducing the newest addition to the the Fenix Family
For the aspiring top-chefs and edible consumers of California, Potli is making infusions easier than ever with infused honey and olive oil. A top quality, delicious and easy to integrate product such as theirs makes applying cannabis to a daily routine accessible to the canna-curious and experienced alike.