Welcome Reveur!

Here at Fenix, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest brand, Rêveur, offering a premium line of live resin.

Here's a few facts about the brand:

- Full flower extracts are made with cannabis from the Eel River Terroir

- Sourced from unique micro climates producing equally unique terpenes

- NO ADDED TERPENES - all terps are preserved with meticulous extraction methods meaning: “There’s no fake sh**” as one of their lead extractors delicately elaborated

- Each extract is properly cured - ensuring a smooth hit every time

For more info on Reveur, visit their website
To place an order, view our product menu or email orders@thefenixfamily.

Introducing Seven10 Creations Vapes

Looking for new inventory? Seven10 Creations has been working diligently on their new disposable vapes which have passed phase 3 tests. Don’t get caught without vapes as phase 3 becomes a bigger hurdle for cartridge manufacturers!


These new disposable vapes are discrete and affordable, plus, they actually smell and taste like melon! Infused with real cannabis & fruit derived terpenes, Seven10 Creations has developed a product that is as delicious as it is powerful.

Say Hello to Potli!

Introducing the newest addition to the the Fenix Family
For the aspiring top-chefs and edible consumers of California, Potli is making infusions easier than ever with infused honey and olive oil. A top quality, delicious and easy to integrate product such as theirs makes applying cannabis to a daily routine accessible to the canna-curious and experienced alike.