Escape The Vapes: Why CannaStrips Should Be Your New Go-To

Escape The Vapes: Why CannaStrips Should Be Your New Go-To

With all of the options now available to a cannabis consumer, it’s no surprise that consumers are feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for the traditional dispensary experience.

Flower or vape? Edibles or drinkables? THC, THCa, THCv, CBD, or CBN? Is your head spinning yet?

There’s just so much available to the new cannabis consumer, and it’s getting harder and harder to discern between high-caliber goods & mediocre products in fancy packaging, but one product stands out from the rest: CannaStrips™. With a straightforward application approach paired with no-nonsense packaging - CannaStrips™ is making a splash in the California marketplace (and rightfully so).

With all of the breaking news surrounding vapes & potential health hazards, it’s only appropriate that we acknowledge why and how CannaStrips™ rises above the rest when seeking the heavy-hitting effects of a traditional vape:

1. Smoke-Free Relief

Skip the smoke & save your lungs the hassle of having to rid itself of harmful particulates. In other words, get lifted without the cough or lingering smell.

2. Fast-Acting Results

Traditionally, consumers turn to vapes for a concentrated hit, causing them to get higher faster. Our CannaStrips™offer similar effects in the way that it works QUICKLY (onset typically takes between 5-20 minutes) as opposed to a traditional edible’s onset time of 20 minutes - 2 hours for the full effect to take place. No one wants to wait a minute longer when they are in need of relief.

3. Precision Dosing

With the exception of one or two vapes on the market, you never know just how much THC or CBD you are consuming, making it impossible to accurately dose for a newcomer or sensitive user. CannaStrips™ contain exactly 10mg of THC or CBD per strip and can even be cut in half or quarters if need be! Avoid an overwhelming experience & start low and add as needed! (Be sure to wait at least a full hour for the full effect to be felt before consuming another strip)

4. Ease of Use

If our previous notes weren’t enough of a reason to try CannaStrips™, perhaps it’s packaging and application will convince even the biggest skeptic. No more fiddling with oils, rolling papers, lighter, or vapes. Each strip is individually wrapped and users are instructed to tuck the strip either between the cheek and gumline or underneath the tongue. You’ll know it’s dissolved when your breath boasts a fresh, light, minty flavor with no other hints of cannabis. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of CBD & THC in the easiest way possible!

If you’re anything like us and are looking for a clean and discreet way to enjoy your weed, look no further. Learn more about CannaStrips™ and the science behind it all here
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Eliza Maroney

Eliza Maroney