Escape The Vapes: Why CannaStrips Should Be Your New Go-To

With all of the options now available to a cannabis consumer, it’s no surprise that consumers are feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared for the traditional dispensary experience.

Flower or vape? Edibles or drinkables? THC, THCa, THCv, CBD, or CBN? Is your head spinning yet?

There’s just so much available to the new cannabis consumer, and it’s getting harder and harder to discern between high-caliber goods & mediocre products in fancy packaging, but one product stands out from the rest: CannaStrips™. With a straightforward application approach paired with no-nonsense packaging - CannaStrips™ is making a splash in the California marketplace (and rightfully so).

With all of the breaking news surrounding vapes & potential health hazards, it’s only appropriate that we acknowledge why and how CannaStrips™ rises above the rest when seeking the heavy-hitting effects of a traditional vape:

1. Smoke-Free Relief
Skip the smoke & save your lungs the hassle of having to rid itself of harmful particulates.